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Welcome to My website. Here I will be discussing the habitat, biology, and control of unwanted pests. Many insects are beneficial to our environment. They are not considered pests until they invade our space by infesting our homes, destroying our food, or transmitting disease. Controlling pests is important and must be done responsibly as to not to disturb the balance of nature itself. Please don't hesitate to comment on each pest topic. You will find our website very informative on pest control issues and the effects of pests on our environment.

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Termites A Big Problem For Home Owners

Termites are known as natures recyclers and also a home owners nightmare. Check out our page on termites to learn more about termites and how to keep them from destroying your home.

Scorpions are much feared by home owners in Arizona. Especially the Bark Scorpion.

Here in Arizona Scorpions have become a big problem for a lot of people. A Bark Scorpion sting is known to be the most venomous scorpion sting in the United States. On this site you can find out more about these scorpions and how to get them under control.


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