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Looking For Ant Control?

Looking for ant control for a bad ant problem in phoenix AZ or surrounding cities. Specialized Pest Control can help. Call us today with your pest problems.

harvester ant control
harvester ant control

Ant Harborage Areas

There are many species of ants in the world today. At Specialized Pest Control we know exactly where your ants may be nesting based on the type of any or their behavior. We take the guess work out of finding the source of the infestation.

Baiting For Ants

A good tactic for ant control and elimination is baiting. Their are many types of baits for ants either in granule form, liquid gel form, or bait stations. Granule size and type of liquid bait is a serious factor to know because not all ants will go after one type of bait.

Dusting Wall Voids For Ants

Sometimes certain pesticide dusts are effective on ants as well. Rover ants tend to nest in wall voids. So by dusting into the wall voids, we van eliminate them entirely. I might often uses a combination of both dusts and baits.

Ant Problems In Arizona

Ants like all pests have their benefits to the environment. Often times Ants of various types step out of their environment and invade humans lives. They get into our food, Homes, Offices, and more. Also some ants sting really bad like Fire Ants. Not all ants have stingers though.

Here at Specialized pest control we know what control procedures, tactics, and pesticides to use to control or eliminate ant infestations.

Fire Ant Control
fire ant control
Ant Baiting
ant baiting

I will talk more about the types of ants and their habitats in my blogs. If you search this site on our search bar it will be easier to find what your looking for. Thank you so much for visiting my website. We offer many pest control services for all sorts of target pests. Not just ants. When you sign up for our services, we cover all general pests around the home. Call us today.


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