Bed Bugs Ticks And More

Don't let your pest problem get worse!

Drop us a line today for a free quote! We offer affordable bed bug services. Our pest services are performed by highly educated professionals. We use the right products for the most successful treatment possible. Don't attempt to get rid of these pests yourself.


Brown Dog Tick is a common problem in Arizona and its not to be taken lightly. This is a video compilation of real footage on animals that have been exposed to Brown Dog Tick. If you have this problem in your home call a professional pest control company as soon a possible to evaluate the situation before it worsens.

Bed Bugs is a problem that is growing in Phoenix and surounding cities. You don't want these blood suckers in your home. This video was taken by anothr pest control company. I posted this video so youcan see how bad an infestation can get.


Mosquitoes are hard to kill. Like bed bugs they are an ectoparasite. Unlike bed bugs they transmit diseases. Mosquitoes need to be controlled by eliminating standing water. They don't live ling, but the do produce in large numbers.

As you can see there are many pests that don't just bite us. They take our blood. They transmit diseases. Their not to take lightly at all. Understanding them is key to their control and eliminating them. call us today to see how we can help eliminate these pest issues. Don't hesitate by letting things worsen.


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