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Africanized Bee Control

Africanized bees are becoming a problem in Arizona and across the country as well. Just the slightest noise can set off a hive. When the soldiers protect their hive the whole hive attacks at once. They can be fatal and extremely dangerous. Please don't attempt to exterminate a Bee hive yourself without consulting a professional bee control expert. If they are Africanized Bees, it will be too late once they are onto you.

Bee swarms if temporary don't usually last more than a day. If they are dive bombing into a pool on a daily basis, there is most likely a resident hive near bye. When I say swarms, I'm talking about a ball of bees just bundled up completely exposed.

Bee Control

In Arizona bees pose a problem when they nest into wall voids, irrigation boxes, sheds and more. Bees are great for the environment. However they are a problem to humans when they go feral and become more aggressive. They don't belong where we live. As far as in nature they are beneficial to the pollination of crops. At Specialized Pest Control we exterminate bees responsibly. We will call a local bee keeper if we feel that the bees are not a threat and can be easily relocated.  Taking our environment and nature around us responsibly is important. You don't just go and kill every bees nest you see. Although often times unfortunately I do have to kill bees that have become aggressive. If your in need of a professional bee control guy, give us a call.

Bee Swarms

Often times customers call us over swarming bees in a tree, on a car, or in eaves, etc. Bee swarms are often just temporary relocating. Its a behavior bees have while looking for a reasonable place to nest. Sometimes I'm called out to a bee swarm and by the time I get there they magically disappeared. They keep close to their queens pheromones. If you capture the queen and put her in a temporary cardboard hive box, the other bees will soon follow.