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A Note From The Owner:

I have been in the pest control service and termite industry for 12 plus years and have seen what it takes to deliver a true quality service to customers. I've seen companies and techs perform really bad services. Also I have seen companies and techs perform unbelievable successful quality services. In Arizona there are many pest control service companies to choose from. There are some good and some bad. Its a hard choice to make. Additionally many of these pest control service companies lack education on pests and chemicals. Many charge way too much money for their services. Therefore some can even be cheaply treating your home so they can keep the cost dirt cheap. Others have very poor customer service.


Customer Service Priority

Keeping a balance of customer service, education, quality, kindness, and professionalism at its highest level is exceedingly important. I don't believe in raising quality then lowering customer service or the other way around. All these factors are of highest importance and make for the professional everyone is looking for. I'm tired of empty promises and over promising with under delivering. Additionally I am bringing this company to the industry so I can have the opportunity to keep promises, be reasonable, be a place that employees love to work, spend time on our jobs instead of rushing them, show an educated company, have the highest regard for customers and their issues, show respect, and also be the best at what we do.

An Honest Pest Control Company

I have total control in the business if I'm running it. I have become tired of working for companies that just don't deliver customer service and quality. I have felt trapped while working for such companies. In fact I know techs who work for companies and want out. They stay because they do it for their families. We won't just treat you like a number as a customer with Specialized Pest Control. Our customers are our family and we treat them as such. Without our customers, we wouldn't have a company. I respect other companies in my field as well as long as they are doing a good job. I'm not in this just for myself. I want to change the industry for the best, for the customer.

Pest Control ServiceĀ - OurĀ Vision

A little about our pest control service and termite company. We would like to see a pest control service company that both employees and customers love. We believe in heartfelt honest customer service. Educating Technicians with all aspects of pest control and termites is priority. Therefore we don't just send someone new and not knowledgeable to your door. Making sure our employees are knowledgeable of pests, have top notch customer service skills, are clean cut, are professional and honest is highly important to us. Additionally it is not in our best interest to do poor quick services or charge unbelievably high prices to customers.

Honesty is a Golden Rule

Our prices on services are based on the expense of paying employees and chemical costs. We guarantee that we will use products that really get rid of your pest problems. We don't use cheap products. If you have questions about our products, we will tell you. In fact we will even give you the labels.

About Tims Family

I have a family of 6 children from ages 1-11. 3 girls and 3 boys. We are a Christian family and attend Faith Baptist Church of Maricopa Arizona. Living a Christian life is important to us.

As long as people are respectful and moral we do not judge anyone. My beautiful and lovely wife home schools our children. Therefore we poor everything we have into our children. Our children and God are the very center of the relationship between my wife and I. Additionally the more we love our children and God the more we love each other. Both my wife and I can agree that without God and our children in our lives, we would be different people. The people we are today are much better than the people that we could have become.

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